Our Company

zynappse corporationZynappse Corporation is a company that provides Information Technology (IT) solutions. Our IT development team is backed up by experienced management and industry consultants who are experts in aligning and merging technology and day-to-day operational requirements to achieve an efficient and effective system.

We are a mobile apps developers and creators of custom friendly applications in mobile, desktop, enterprise, and cloud computing technologies.

Our core expertise is in mobile applications or apps, made easy in two of the most in demand mobile platforms: android and iOS to help you reach ten folds of your market and customers particularly in the growing smart phone community.

Our expertise ranges from database management solutions, Geographic Information System (GIS), web solutions, mobile applications to development of customized applications for business operations.

Our Mission

Our mission, as your mobile apps developer, is to design and provide custom develop applications by combining modern technologies, top-of-the-line equipment with industry standard services to meet our customer needs in order to make their operations and service delivery fast, simple, effective, and efficient.

We believe that Zynappse customers will benefit more by using our applications, and our wealth of experience in various local and international industries to meet their current and future needs.