Mobile Apps Development

Our expertise and the focus of our Research and Development is in the custom design, and development of mobile applications or mobile apps.

In a recent report of a leading Information Technology Research and Advisory Company, it showed that in global smartphone market, Android leads the market share by almost 62%, while Apple follows at 36% or both platforms dominate a 98% majority share.

Thus, to capture the global smartphone market, and create a greater market and customer reach for our mobile apps, we design and develop all our mobile applications or mobile apps in two of the most in demand mobile platforms: Android and iOS.

Since we are committed to meet our customer needs in order to make their operations and service delivery fast, simple, effective, and efficient, we have created core mobile applications for specific client needs and industry with various and unique mobile features.

Our mobile apps are all custom designed and developed so clients can request and consult our IT Team to develop specific features for their special needs that will target their requirements and customer needs.



The following are the list of our custom designed and developed mobile apps.


  • zynappse corporation for shopping mall appsSHOPPING MALL APP
    The Shopping Mall app is designed to increase customer traffic and shopping revenue in the mall by providing a virtual assistance to shoppers on how to get to the nearest mall branch location, locate specific stores and facilities within the mall, alert them for special promos and discounts, and even locate the nearest available parking. The app can also identify and alert them of friends/family within their networks that are inside the mall.



  • zynappse corporation - digital catalog mobileDIGITAL CATALOG MOBILE
    The Digital Catalog Mobile app is designed as a tool for any businesses or organization to display a large variety of their offered products and services from the comfort of mobile gadgets that can easily be brought at any place and that dynamic information be accessed at any time by their sales representatives and customers. The digital catalog also combines interactive elements with colorful and eye-catching animations and videos to attract more customers.It is also environment friendly and cost effective as it eliminates printing and distribution costs. It also eliminates losses on unsold publications. Because of its dynamic nature, digital catalogs are sent online allowing sales representatives and customers to receive them in an instant making publication faster and targeting a wider distribution among recipients without extra cost.



  • salon and spa mobile and web solutionsFACIAL AND SALON MOBILE APP
    The Facial and Salon mall app is designed to increase new customers and maintain loyal clients by providing a virtual assistance to customers to easily make an appointment to any Facial/Salon branches at the date and time or even with the doctor/beauty expert of their choice, on how to get to the nearest Facial/Salon from their location, alert them for special promos, and even reward them with loyalty discounts and complimentary services thru their virtual membership cards within the mobile app.  To increase awareness, Users can also share their experience via sharing to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



  •  country club it solutionCOUNTRY CLUB MOBILE APP
    The country club mobile app is designed to encourage patrons and customers to visit the Country Club regularly, increase engagement and to enjoy their membership with a consolidated member account facility.  The country club mobile app shall be a single system that consolidates all member accounts, directory transactions, and the facilitation of member payment, fees and charges. The said app also aims to promote the Country Club by providing news,events, promotions and other relevant information to app users.  To increase awareness, Users can also share their experience via sharing to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



  • restaurant menu  mobile solutionRESTAURANT MOBILE APP
    The Restaurant mobile app is designed to increase new customers and maintain loyal clients by providing a virtual assistance for convenience to customers in the restaurant to easily order food from the digital menu on the mobile tablets provided in their table, choose the food preparation and even make special requests to the chef since the said orders are cued and can be viewed in the Restaurant’s kitchen.  Customers in a rush also has an option to pay their bill via credit card payments in the app. Food recommendations can be shared and viewed by other customers easily.



  • school it solutionSCHOOL MOBILE APP
    The School Mobile App is designed to monitor the attendance, as well as the in and out traffic of people in the school premises to create an optimal, secure and safe learning environment for both students and faculty members.  The said app can provide attendance report and even send pre-defined messages to parents of young children of their entrance and exit to and from the school premises.  The said app has a virtual identification card for students and faculty members to use inside the school premises to access school facilities and also to monitor transactions such as library, gym, canteen, bookstore, etc.  The app can also send push notifications to parents and students regarding important announcements such as PTA meetings or class suspensions.  Students and parents can also accessed the app for assignments, class schedules, tuition fees, etc.



  • hotel mobile app solutionHOTEL MOBILE APP
    The Hotel mobile app is designed to increase customer traffic, and encourage more customers to visit the hotel. It shall assist hotel customers on how to get to the nearest hotel from customer location, locate all hotel branches, and alert them for special promos and discounts. The app can also display all the hotel’s facilities and amenities, which can be presented interactively with animations and graphics to attract more customers. The app can also booked customers for advance reservations. To increase awareness, Users can also share their experience via sharing to various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



    The Emergency and Crime mobile app is designed to create an integrated public service infrastructure where people can voice and monitor help concerns and promote community help. The App shall display all emergency hotlines so people can report emergencies and crimes where they can even send videos, images and location. Proper authorities can monitor and respond accordingly, and they can even send emergency notifications in times of disasters. Registered users can also form a network or group for their respective families that can be alerted with pre-defined emergency messages identifying the sender’s location once the alert button is pressed.



  • mobile mapping appMOBILE MAPPING APP
    The Mobile Mapping app is designed to locate and map any property, branch, landmark, facility, even groups of people, or any are of interest of an organization, private or public. The app is for them to easily monitor, locate and update their records and even adding images and descriptions to every tagged area of interest.



  • membership appDIGITAL MEMBERSHIP APP
    The Digital Membership App is a virtual card that encourages customer loyalty or even track attendance or frequency of people to any location. It alerts customers of nearby establishments with special discounts and promotions, it records all transactions that can be accumulated for points in exchange of a free service or extra privilege. It also holds a directory of all participating establishments for customers to be directed to or can book for advance reservations.


    The Sales and Inventory Mobile App is designed for businesses to keep track of their sales and inventory and its real time reporting. The mobile app shall be used by the branches of the businesses to report exact sales and inventory of a particular branch, the mobile app then consolidates and creates an executive report that can be viewed as list or in graphs or charts that can be viewed by business executives at any time and anywhere in their mobile app for better analysis and decision making.


  • celebrity mobile appCELEBRITY MOBILE APP
    The Celebrity Mobile App is designed for Celebrities as a tool to increase their popularity, gain more followers and maintain the interest of their fans. In Celebrity world, their value is equal the amount of how many followers they have and how popular they are or how in demand they are. A mobile app enables them to stay in touch with their followers and take advantage of the power of viral marketing and social network.The mobile app will enable celebrities to update and gather support from their followers to any upcoming endorsements, projects or causes. Followers can directly send inquiries, messages or dedications to their “idols” thru the app and they will be able to await exclusive personal photos and messages released first thru the app.

The app also has personalized push notification messages that can be targeted to followers depending on their location, gender and age. Followers will be thrilled to receive personal voice message greetings during their birthdays.  Maintaining once presence and communication with followers will increase a celebrity’s popularity and demand; and it also lengthens their celebrity star life status of being on top. And being known, followed, demanded and well-liked increases their star status and talent fee value; to benefit and guarantee more projects, and endorsements.


  • photo and sharing mobile appPHOTO AND SOCIAL MOBILE NETWORK APP
    The Photo and Social Mobile App is for created for social network active users. It is designed with flashy, colorful animations and graphics to entice users to create and design their photos and greetings with the app’s pre-defined frames, layouts, and stickers that they can share to any social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The said app aims to create revenues thru in-app purchases of special designed stickers, frames and layouts.